Delay your 7 May provisional tax payment

As an IRD approved tax pool, Tax Traders can help you keep cash in your business by delaying your tax payments. For a small interest cost upfront, you can have an extra 11 months to pay your provisional tax.

Acceptance is fast and guaranteed

Apply in minutes. No disclosures are required and acceptance is immediate.

Flexible to suit your business

Delay your 7 May tax by up to 11 months and pay at a time that suits cashflow.

Peace of mind

If you turn out not to need all or part of your payment, we will refund that portion of the up front interest.

What is tax pooling?  Find out here.

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You'll need five pieces of information to begin:

  • Taxpayer name
  • IRD number
  • 7 May tax amount
  • Business email address
  • Accountant's email address

All of this information should be available for you on the tax letter you received from your accountant regarding 7 May tax, or on your myIR account.

*If you are a Tax Traders Advantage firm, or already have an account with us, please  log in to access your benefits.

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What is tax pooling?

Tax pooling is a legal and respected part of the New Zealand tax system. The framework was established by Inland Revenue in 2003 to help taxpayers meet their provisional tax obligations.

Taxpayers pay their provisional tax into a ‘pool’ rather than paying directly to Inland Revenue. Once taxpayers know exactly what they need to pay in provisional tax, they transfer this out of the tax pool and sell any surplus to someone else (typically for a return greater than the Inland Revenue credit interest rate they would otherwise receive). A taxpayer faced with an underpayment can then acquire those surpluses for a fee less than the Inland Revenue debit interest rate. Tax Traders – as an IRD-approved intermediary – is the facilitator. We do all the work for you.

Let's Get Started

Peace of mind for delayed tax payments

When you delay upcoming payments through Tax Traders, we will provide assurance on the finance fee at no cost.
  • This offering from Tax Traders is approved by the IRD and is perfect for businesses needing certainty and flexibility at this time.
  • Although the Government has announced a number of measures to help businesses pay their provisional tax, the measures all rely on the IRD agreeing that you meet their criteria.
  • This will require you to provide a range of information to the IRD in order to qualify and acceptance isn’t guaranteed.
  • With the Tax Traders system you don’t have to meet criteria or provide extensive information or security and acceptance is guaranteed.
  • Plus if you don’t need the Tax Traders option, you don’t need to pay. You can cancel at any time for any reason prior to the Payment Date and we’ll refund your interest cost.
Maximum flexibility
Complete Confidence
Best of both worlds

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