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Whatever your situation, get maximum flexibility with Tax Traders

Short on cash to pay this month’s tax

Delay an upcoming provisional payment by up to 22 months.

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Forgot to make a tax payment

Pay outstanding tax at a time that suits cashflow.

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Smooth tax over equal payments

Create weekly/fortnightly/monthly payments towards a current year tax liability.

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Reduce IRD interest on a reassessment

Purchase tax credits to meet historical period IRD reassessments.

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Calculate final tax payment required

Calculate uplift amounts and select desired payment options for residual income tax.

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Get more flexibility and retain greater control of your tax payments.

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Once you know your tax liability, complete a transfer to move your payments to your IRD account.

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If you’ve paid more provisional tax than you need to, selling it will mean that you get more back!

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What's tax pooling?

Tax pooling is a legal and respected part of the New Zealand tax system. The framework was established by Inland Revenue in 2001 to help taxpayers meet their provisional tax obligations.

Taxpayers pay their provisional tax into a ‘pool’ rather than paying directly to Inland Revenue. Once taxpayers know exactly what they need to pay in provisional tax, they transfer this out of the tax pool and sell any surplus to someone else (typically for a return greater than the Inland Revenue credit interest rate they would otherwise receive). A taxpayer faced with an underpayment can then acquire those surpluses for a fee less than the Inland Revenue debit interest rate. Tax Traders – as an IRD-approved intermediary – is the facilitator.

  • “Having previously used one of the alternatives, we moved all of our income tax payments to Tax Traders. They offered the best all-round package of security, responsiveness and value.”

    NZX Listed Healthcare Company

  • "While their website and products are first class, their real point of difference is the people – always there to find the best solution for our clients.”

    Mathew Arcus, Director, Maxims Accounting Ltd

  • “Tax Traders’ [client dashboard] is by far the easiest to use.”

    Big 4 Accounting Firm

  • “The efficiency of Tax Traders directly reflects on me as a client adviser, and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences.”

    Dan Lowe, Grant Thornton

  • “When we compared tax pools we found one big difference – flexibility. Tax Traders had it, the others didn’t.”

    Top Energy Limited

  • “[Tax Traders'] full digital platform means ... we can turn the work around quickly, improving billables.”

    Hamish Mexted, Convex Accounting

The latest from our team and community

Inland Revenue data connectivity is here.

Transform your provisional tax workflow with Tax Traders’ IRD data-connected tools. Now, for the first time you can access a single report showing a complete picture of your clients’ provisional and terminal tax liabilities – no more having to log in to multiple websites to check whether payments have been made or enter figures into a spreadsheet.

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Moving to Tax Traders was a "game-changer"

Hear accountant Richard Denton of Greenlion talk about the highs and lows of tax pooling, his experience using another provider and why switching to Tax Traders made a world of difference:

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